Fairview Primary School was built in 1975 by the Cape Education Department. It is a prefabricated building and the “lifespan” of the building was defined at ten years. Thirty five years later and the dream of a face-brick building seem just as distant as it did in 1975. Mr G Volkwyn was the first principal from 1975 to 1979. The school at the time was known as De Klip Primary. Mr G Volkwyn was succeeded by Mr SK Christian in 1980 who served until 1993. Mr SK Christian was succeeded by Mr CJ Esterhuizen who retired in March 2009. Our current principal is Mr AD De Wet.


The Mission Statement of our school reads as follows. Fairview Primary School is dedicated to building well-rounded individual who will take their rightful place in society. There can be no freedom outside a system of law, therefore a code of conduct will be adhered to by all connected to the school. We will strive to promote a culture of mutual respect so that no-one be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity and religious affiliation. We will serve both the interest of our community and our country, hence our Motto:” Discite ut Serviati”, which when translated means:

  • Learn in order to serve.
  • Leer om te kan dien.
  • Fundelani Ukuba Luncedo.
  • The school is an English medium school that serves learners from different spheres of the community. The majority of our learners live in Grassy Park, Lotus River and Parkwood. We also have learners from Fairways, Strandfontein, Retreat, Steenberg, Mithcell’s Plain, Ottery and Heathfield. The school was voted the National Top Sport School for 2003 and subsequently also the Western Province Top School. These achievements make learners, staff and parents very excited about being associated to the school.