Fairview Primary School was built in 1975 by the Cape Education Department and was formerly know as De Klip Primary School. Under the current leadership of Mr AD De Wet and staff who are dedicated to ensuring each learner receives the best education available, are committed to providing a well-balanced, holistic education. We are dedicated to building well-rounded individuals who will take their rightful place in society.

There can be no freedom outside a system of law, therefore a code of conduct will be adhered to by all connected to the school. We will strive to promote a culture of mutual respect so that no-one be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity and religious affiliation. We will serve both the interest of our community and our country, hence our Motto:” Discite ut Serviati”, which when translated means:

  • Learn in order to serve.
  • Leer om te kan dien.
  • Fundelani Ukuba Luncedo


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    We also have a LSEN class at our school where learners with special needs are taught. They present us with many challenges, but has also taught us to be more tolerant towards others.


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    Staff development on different aspects of the school takes place regularly. Teachers are also encouraged to study and to attend development workshops. This in turn has a positive influence in respect to learner development,


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    The prescribed curriculum is followed for all the learners in the Get band. A special focus is placed on Numeracy and Literacy and extra-mural remedial classes as well as intervention strategies are in place to improve our learners.

    Our core values

    “Respect, Commitment, Discipline, Integrity, Unity, Productive citizenship"

    The staff acknowledge, respect and honour each child’s history and culture and steadfastly support each child’s learning growth.

    The school is a community school and the school is used for Church Divine Services, meetings of different clubs and groups in the evenings, training for sport clubs and community functions. The community looks after the school.