Staff development on different aspects of the school takes place regularly. Teachers are also encouraged to study and to attend development workshops. Educators are involved in area meetings and workshops with other staff members. Here they also play a leading role in new developments and discussions. Educators are encouraged to attend departmental and CTLI workshops and then to develop their colleagues who work with them. Staff development workshops are also done by the principal and senior staff members.



Mr A. De Wet Principal
Mr K Meyer Deputy Principal
Mrs C. Marks HOD
Ms G. Sinclair HOD
Mrs H. Ismail HOD
Ms I Millward HOD


STAFF  (Educators 2010)

Name Grade
Ms J. Williams R1
Mrs R. Jefferies R2
Mrs C Marks 1a
Mrs M Malan 1b
Mrs R van der Westhuizen 1c
Mrs S. Mohammed 1d
Mrs T Amaly 2a
Ms B Smith 2b
Mrs M. Moore 2c
Mrs M. Hoskin 3a
Mrs c Adams 3b
Mrs D Nell 3c
Mrs E Swart 4a
Mrs H Ismail 4b
Mrs A. Jacobs 4c
Ms Z Gool 4d
Mrs E Du Toit 4 and 5
Mrs Z. Gallo 5a
Mr A. Rodney 5b
Mr A Ismail 5c
Ms I Millward 5d
Mrs R Allie 6a
Mrs F. Gassiep 6b
Mr C Esterhuizen 6c
Ms G. Sinclair 7a
Mrs Y. Fullard 7b
Mr M.A. Basadien 7c
Ms B Fernandez 7d
Mrs P Harris LSEN Educator
Mrs S Gallant Teacher Assistant
Mrs J. Lombard Ballet
Mrs M Achmat Learning Support



Ms A. Cozett Admin. Clerk
Mrs S. Daniels Admin. Clerk (Bursar)
Mr D. Orgill Caretaker
Mrs D Davids Cleaner
Mr D. Brown Cleaner
Mrs F. Brenner Cleaner



The SGB consist of the following members:

Ms M Karriem (Parent) Chairperson
Mr A Ismail (Educator) Secretary
Ms C Adams (Educator) Assistant Secretary
Mr L Frenchman (Parent) Treasurer


Other Members:

Mrs F Hare Parent
Mrs R Petersen Parent
Mrs M Frenchman Parent
Mrs M Johannisen Non Educator
Mr A. De Wet Principal